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20160710_133207 (2)A tall, gaunt, sombre, aristocratic figure, pondered. They might go to war over a mere scrap of Belgian paper. He leaned forward, held a different document flat on the mahogany surface, taking the pen in his right hand, he dipped it in dark ink, and authorised plans to destabilise Britain’s colonies. The chancellor of the German Empire, Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, plunged what was seemingly safe from the battle front into chaos. Ireland, India, Singapore, and beyond. This year marks the centenary of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising, and the 2016 release of popular historian Turtle Bunbury’s book “Easter Dawn: The 1916 Rising”.

A squadron of German battlecruisers fired on the British coastal ports while zeppelins dropped bombs along England’s east coast, in a co-ordinated attack to divert from Ireland’s intended revolution. It’s said that the Irish leaders had the Kaiser’s youngest son in mind as a possible king of Ireland in the event…

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